Is bulk document importer ok for 5.6?

when trying to install BDI in 5.6, I have the following message:

$ nuxeoctl mp-install nuxeo-platform-importer
Package nuxeo-platform-importer is not available on platform version cap-5.6.
Do you want to relax the constraint (yes/no)? [no]

Is it safe to install it on 5.6?


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No, you shouldn't use it on 5.6: this one was made for Nuxeo 5.3.2.
We will release a new nuxeo-platform-importer Marketplace package for 5.6 soon (watch NXP-10626). But, waiting for it, you can use (and help by testing) the importer addon manually built:

Note, there are now five bundles in that addon: nuxeo-importer-core, nuxeo-importer-jaxrs, nuxeo-importer-scan, nuxeo-platform-importer-core and nuxeo-platform-importer-jaxrs.

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