How to avoid Connect server response error code 404 when updating the Nuxeo platform?


I'm currently trying to migrate my project from a platform to another. Both platforms are 5.6, both registered as nuxeo connect instances.

The problem is when I try to install hotfixes or to import my studio bundle, things are not setting up to date on the new platform…

Here is the result of $nuxeo_home/bin/nuxeoctl mp-hotfix:

Error during communication with the Nuxeo Connect Server org.nuxeo.connect.connector.ConnectServerError: Connect server response code 404

Though if i wget it works

Can anyone please tell me what's going on here ?

Thanks a lot!


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Well, sounds like this may have to deal with this bug report

However, our nuxeo instance IS registered.

No firewall or misconfiguration on our network seem to be the cause of this 404 error … Can anyone give me a hint on what should be checked here ?

Thanks !



*May this be related to the fact I see 5 instances with two different ID's in the monitoring part of the nuxeo admin center panel ? I suppose there should be only one instance activated here.

Any help welcomed,




This error was due to a conflict between 5.6 packages and 5.5 entries remaining in our list of marketplace packages after we upgraded the platform…

All is working just after fixing it

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