Cannot complete validation task for Public Social Workspaces!?

I have created several public social workspaces using the Nuxeo Collaboration Module.

For each workspace there is a task which has a name: validateSocialWorkspace in the task list of the administrative accounts. If I click on the link in the task list I am taken to the appropriate workspace under the Collaboration domain but I cannot find a validate button or any place.

Is it correct to assume creating the public social workspace created an administrative validation workflow? Is there an email validation?

How do I validate the workspace to remove the tasks from the administrators task list?

There is no Summary tab and I do not see a validate button on any of the other tabs for the subject public social workspace.

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OK I found some validation emails in the spam folder however after I recovered them and followed the links to Admin Center->Social Collaboration->Creation Requests I still do not see any place to validate.

I've clicked on each of the public social workspaces and check each of the tabs.

What I am missing?


This is a bug, when selecting a Social Workspace in the Admin Center / Social Collaboration tab, you should have actions to approve / reject the creation.

I've created a ticket for that: NXP-10814

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Thanks for the prompt response.