Since JVM upgrade to 8u151/8u152, numerous symptoms, e.g. no response, experienced with the UI

Recently, I have had many symptoms of no-response in the user interface. The symptoms might vary, for instance a spinning wheel shown forever with no sign of progress or network interaction.

The only thing that changed recently in the environment is the automated upgrade of the JDK to version 8u151 on the machine. This issue can be reproduced everytime with this version of JDK.

How to troubleshoot or workaround or fix this problem?

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Troubleshooting this issue can be undertaken via the browser development tool (usually reached via the F12 shortcut), where you can see the interaction with the server ending as: ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED for a gzip-ed encoded content.

As seen in, this issue is due to a change at the JDK level. In , the change is explained. In , the release note currently says this should be resolved in the next set of JDK releases, and the next CPU of the JDK is expected by mid-January 2018.

This issue does not happen in Nuxeo 9.3/master, which are releases based on Tomcat 8.5. So, this issue only affects Nuxeo releases based on Tomcat 7 (from Nuxeo 6.0 to Nuxeo 9.2).

A good known workaround for this UI-not-responding issue is to set “compression” to “off” in NUXEO_HOME\templates\common-base\conf\server.xml.nxftl . Another good workaround, if you are not bound to using the latest CPU for the JDK, is to use JDK 8u144 or an earlier release of the JDK until a good fix for this issue is identified.

It has been reported, specifically for MacOSX recent releases of the OS, that this issue also happens for JDK 8u131 or 8u141. The workaround of setting compression to “off” works on this OS with these earlier JDK releases.

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Current state of JDK-8189789 targets the April 2018 CPU release of the JDK (8u171) for a patched VM.