Losing relations when upgrading from 5.6 to 5.8


We are upgrading from 5.5 to the most recent version of Nuxeo. On the path, relations are lost. According to NXP-10350, an XML file is to be modified.

Question : which file should be modified ?

Thanks, Ionel

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Hi Florent,

I placed the attached file in the nxserver/config directory and restarted Nuxeo but relations are still empty (Nuxeo 5.8.0HF35).

Am I missing something ? Should I surround all declarations with a “

Regards, Ionel

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It's not a file that should be modified (it's a bad idea to modify standard Nuxeo files as they would be lost during upgrades), but an XML contribution file that should be created.

You should follow How to Contribute to an Extension or directly create the complete XML contribution in nxserver/config.

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Sorry : answered myself instead of commenting your answer. Did not get to make it work. Relations are still empty.

You file is invalid XML. Yes, there has to be a "tag" around the declarations. Please see the Contributing Using Nuxeo IDE section in the page How to Contribute to an Extension that I linked previously.

Huray ! I finally got it to work. Created a custom jar with a valid XML file and the corresponding manifest.