Some improvements for the client "Nuxeo Drive"


I suggest some improvements for the client “Nuxeo Drive” :

  • By default, the console log level is DEBUG (too verbose) can be put in the INFO mode
  • By default, the refresh time is 3 seconds (too short) can be put to 30 seconds

I know you can put the options on the command line but to deploy in the company can not block by default only by modifying the shortcut.

ex: ndrive –log-level-file=INFO –delay=30

For the “Nuxeo Drive” menu:

  • Possibility to choose the log level and the time refresh as the proxy setting

After installing the client nuxeo-drive-1.0.5 on windows, we have a python error “cx_freeze: Python error in main script” (see attachment)

alt text

To correct this, you must remove the “nuxeo-drive.” folder on the user workstation.


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Thanks for these suggestions.

About the log level, in fact the console is set to INFO (as you can see when launching Drive with ndrive console), but indeed the file level is set to DEBUG. In fact be believe it should be this way as the log file is mostly intended to help us and the clients debugging in case of problem. Note that there is also a super verbose TRACE mode which is useful in some cases.

About the default delay (5 seconds) yes we could increase it a little.

I agree that it would be nice to be able to set these options in the global Settings menu, this will come at some point… Created

Finally about your error, unfortunately for now Drive doesn't automatically manage database upgrades, so yes you need to reset it by deleting .nuxeo-drive. There's also a task about this, not scheduled yet:

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