How to use blob.attach operation with CURL ?

Hi I'm trying to attach a blob to a file in nuxeo with the linux command curl but i can't find the right syntax to make the operation. I have allready read the documetation from : and, but I still don't know how to manage blob.attach with CURL.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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same question, does anybody have a solution?

same question. In general the documentation on REST APIs is really inadequate. Hopefully some more examples will be provided?

Here's a working curl command against 5.7.3:

curl -X POST -F request=“{"params":{"document":"/default-domain/workspaces/mydoc"},"context":{}}” -F input=@myblob.bin http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/site/automation/Blob.Attach


  • POST method
  • -F option tells curl to use multi-part/formdata encoding
  • note the JSON 'request' parameter, the 'document' element refers to an existing document that is of “File” doctype.
  • @myblob.bin tells curl to send the contents of the file 'myblob.bin'

Hope that helps

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Excellent that got me going, thanks!