Why Workflow are not archived with document version ?


I just tested some interessant thing for me: I got a document that is completed by a workflow.

This document got version archived during workflow process.

If I came back on an old version, I was supposing that the workflow-Doc was saved too in the same state than the doc.

But, when I came back on an old version of my document, the workflow didn't come back on the last current task of this version when it was archived, and so… the document was also in a “wrong LCT state” for this workflow task.

Do you have an idea about a process, or a solution about link with document and workflow-current-task-when-doc-saved ?


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Hi, I think the functionality is built like that. Because these are rare use cases where a user assigns workflow and reverts on archiving it. Once the workflow is started it will be assigned to other users. Reverting to previous version needs to revert the notifications too which is cumbersome.

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