make a break in a workflow


Is it possible to put in stand-by, a task, in a workflow (content routing)?

I want assign a task (and restart the workflow at the point it was stopped) only if an external condition happen (the change of state of an external document, itself in a worflow but another one).

Workflows expect found a true condition for transition. If the state of my other doc is not the one I'm looking for, my doc go in a wait state and the workflow stop. But, is it possible to restart it, by a event handler or directly in the other workflow, when the doc change of state?

If yes, how do this? like I start (looks like a dead-end for me) or by another method (run/start a new workflow - a third one -, on wait state document can it be another possibility?)?


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Hi, In order to resume the workflow once your condition is true ( from an event listener for example) , you can invoke the resume method available on the DocumentRoutingEngineService service :

void resume(DocumentRoute routeInstance, CoreSession session, String nodeId, Map

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Hi Mariana.

How can I do that by Automation Chain?