the vmware image in browser video player don't work?

the nuxeo 5.5 vmware image in browser video player don't work? is this a new version issue?

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What do you mean by "don't work"? Which browser do you use? Any errors in the server logs?

The VMWare Package is built based on the ubuntu packaging and the ffmpeg version is compiled with compilation configuration that not deal with mp4 format. That's why this is not working.

We have to built our own version of ffmpeg version with compilation configuration that will enabled all video format and introduce it into the VM builder. I create a task into our issue tracker here to let you follow this here:

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I find the binary of ffmpeg here to fix the problem FFMPEG for ubuntu

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Thanks for this link. But we know how to get a version that would work this is just integrate it to our VM builder that is complicate.

don't display video , i find that the ffmpeg was outdated, in vmware image. I fix that and get the video player working, in chrome and firefox, but in opera 11.67 still don't work. similar to internet explorer 8.

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