nuxeo-dm virtual machine is loading halfway in vmplayer 3.14


I have downloaded nuxeo-dm virtual machine for vmware/player. when i play it ; after initial ubuntu console (non-GUI) a blue screen appears mentioning something like “Network is not up (or not initializing) .. waiting”. This screen shows only 2 button “Forced (network) refresh” and “Shutdown”. The only other option it gives is of ALT+f1 to go back to ubuntu console.

My network card is working fine with Linux Mint 10 (Julia) which is also ubuntu based. Other VM guest like windows also have no problem.

Can anybody please tell how to fix. Waiting for your kind response.



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That's the normal state, it indicates the server is running in your VM, you should now connect to it using your own browser.

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Thanks for your input

Do you mean browser of host OS? because in VM there is no GUI from where to lauch browser


Yes, in the host OS, the VM is only intended as a server.

The VM is set up to request an address through DHCP, the progress thing you are seeing is checking whether it can see an IP address on eth0.

One possible reason you could see this behaviour is if your VMWare Player is set up with bridge networking but your network link doesn't provide DHCP, in which case the VM won't get an address. In that case you can try to switch the network card settings (in VMWare Player, not inside the VM) to DHCP or Host Only.

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Hi By the following lines (in VMWare Player, not inside the VM) What i understand from this is, to edit the virtual machine settings (which in this case is NuxeoDM) from vmplayer interface without loading virtual machine.

From there i have changed the settings to Host Only but it stucks at the same stage but with different message. The message is displayed that

NuxeoDM is running on

Refreshing in ……..

from here it goes to never ending loop of refereshing screen after every 10 seconds There are only 3 options

i) one is "Forced Referesh" button; It does the same thing .. keep on refershing screen with the same message.

ii) 2nd is "Shutdown VM" ; which shutdowns the vm

iii) 3rd is Alt-F2 for going to console

There seems to be no way to get out of this loop. Is there any solution for it???