Login credentials for the VM image?

I am running the VM image inside VirtualBox.

During the web wizard, I was not asked for any login/password (and I skipped the “Enable Nuxeo Connect” part).

At the end of the web wizard, Nuxeo restarted and shows me a web login screen. I tried admin/admin, nuxeo/oocheMee, and various others, but no luck so far.

I guess there is a default login/password so that I can try?

Or do I have to create a user manually using the command line on the server? (I can log into the server console using root/oocheMee and nuxeo/oocheMee)

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It is: Administrator/Administrator

This was suggested during restart, but somehow I didn't see it the first time I installed:


The page will automatically be refreshed when Nuxeo is ready.

If you didn't change the authentication, the credentials will be Administrator/Administrator (login/password).

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