In-browser video preview not working (Nuxeo 5.5 on Debian Squeeze and PostgreSQL)

Hi guys:

I uploaded AVI, MOV and MP4 video files but only see a gray window in the In-browser video preview area. The storyboard works ok, ffmpeg software already installed.

Using Nuxeo 5.5 installed on Debian Squeeze and PostgreSQL. Testing video preview with IE, Google Chrome and Firefox with no luck. Help please.

Thanks in advance

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You should at least mention what OS and browser version you are using, and what Nuxeo version.

Do you have any error in your server log? When you display the Sumamry view of your video, are the conversions in processing (in the Conversions section)?

After upload a AVI file the summary view display this information:

… Conversions

Format Ogg 480p

     WebM 480p  
     MP4 480p

This is some errors in server.log file:


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Preview works fine with audio and pictures. Not for video. I did a new test with a MP4 file. Error log:

Help please.


On the summary view, for each conversion can you download it? Is there a button "Convert"?

What is version of the OS of the Client. What is the version of FF and Chrome you are using. And can you also answer to the previous question of Thomas please.

The "convert" button disappear when I click on it, and download don't starts. Using Google Chrome 17.0.963.79m and FF 3.6.20 on Windows XP



Can you test on FF a bit more new?

Can you also copy the logs trace from the moment you click on the conversion button?