How to change the context path of static WAR?


I could deploy correctly the nuxeo distribution using the static war inside an existing tomcat instance managing correctly the min and max memory size inside catalina (tomcat instance). However I have problems when I change the context path of my distribution from /nuxeo to /myapp following the steps in .

The error is: "Pack failed. FileNotFoundException: C:\nuxeo-cap-5.5.tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost\nuxel.xml", even if I've changed the xml file in myapp.xml. I've gone a step further editing the TOMCAT_CONFIG parameter inside and testing the TomcatConfigurator.getTomcatConfig() method which behaves correctly printing the correct path "conf\Catalina\localhost\myapp.xml" (TomcatConfigurator.class resides inside $NUXEO_HOME\bin\nuxeo-launcher.jar) .

Is there any other step I haven't considered?

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This should work provided you have at least Nuxeo 5.5 hotfix 4, as using a non-nuxeo context for the pack should have been fixed by NXP-8947.

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