[5.8] infinite loop document versioning default minor version

Hi there,

I've configured the default versioning for File on default minor increment. Now when I upload a file, a infinite loop started, creating literally 1000's of new versions.

Looking in the archived versions tab, I only see the last updated on field changed, which is done by the system: alt text

alt text

This is the versioning rule I used:

 <versioningRule enabled="true" typeName="File">
            <initialState major="0" minor="0"/>
            <options lifeCycleState="*">
                <minor default="true"/>
                <none />

Can you help?

Thanks in advance, Bauke Roo

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I got the same problem once, maybe because of an addon that was modifying the document after creation (like quota). Did you install all the hotfixes?

Hi Thierry, I currently have installed: hotfixes up untill 24 (will install 25, 26 now), multi tenancy, quota and social collaboration. It occurred in a social workspace.