CMIS over SOAP with PHP SoapClient

I trying to develop a simple PHP-client using native PHP SoapClient but I have problem with createDocument method. I have error 'cmis:objectTypeId must be set'.

My request xml contains

            <ns1:property propertyDefinitionId="cmis:objectTypeId">

Maybe I do it wrong, but I didn't find any examples of the request xml.

How can I pass parameters to method?

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I found the solution. The problem was in the namespaces. But I have a new problem. How can I pass content stream to the method or set contents of file?

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Have you taken a look at the Apache Chemistry CMIS PHP client available at

Please open a new Question on this site if you have a new question, don't piggyback on a previous one. This is for the convenience of the readers of the site.

This was more of a comment/suggestion than a true question. My intent was to ensure that the question asker was aware of the FOSS PHP client as opposed to working directly with the native PHP SoapClient. Since CMIS is a complex web services interface, working directly with the SOAP interface can be cumbersome.

My comment was not for you ron, but for the original poster who asks "but I have a new problem…".

Ron, yes I have looked at Apache Chemistry PHP Client, but this library uses Atom and CURL. I need to upload files via SOAP. Florent, ok now I will create a new topic.