PHP Automation Client Documentation needed

I've started using PHP Automation client instead of PHP CMIS Client for my Nuxeo DM instance (5.4.2 - open source) as I couldn't upload versions of same document through PHP CMIS Client.

I find no documentation for every single type of operation I wish to perform. For instance I wish to get all children of given workspace, if I create a new request using document.getchildren, what parameters should I pass? If I create a new request using document.query, what is the format/syntax of SQL statement? I can't find any documentation anywhwere.

Apparently, I found that if workspace names have space in it, the path property of document object somehow chops off the workspace names. In that instance how do I determine exact path that should be passed.

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Hi Megha, I'll let someone else answer as I don't have the answer here, though, what do you mean by "5.4.2 - open source", all Nuxeo distributions are Open Source :-)

Megha, your last paragraph is an unrelated question. You should ask only one question at a time.

You will also find sample use cases of those operations on Nuxeo Studio documentation like Business scheme generation or News publishing.

You can browse the documentation, you'll find various samples.

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