Retrieving Image with PHP Automation API

I'm attempting to retrieve the image off of a Image document using the document url but have been unsuccessful. I've different variations of the example here but I continuously receive nothing. I know the host is correct, as I've been able to retrieve a document. A snippet of what I've been using is as follows:

        $client = new NuxeoPhpAutomationClient($host);
        $session = $client->getSession($login, $password);
        $response = $session->newRequest("Blob.Get")->set('input', 'doc:/asset-library/Collections/1901/00000-00099/01.1/01-1.jpg')->sendRequest();
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After some trial and error I discovered the proper input should have been:

$response = $session->newRequest("Blob.Get")->set('input', 'doc:{uuid}')->sendRequest();
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