Is PHP automation client deprecated with nuxeo LTS 2019


I use Nuxeo LTS 2019 and i plan to use PHP automation client to communicate with Nuxeo. Is it the right way ? what about the rest API ?

I saw in the documentation that “The Nuxeo Java Client is a Java client library for Nuxeo Automation and REST API.” but php client seems to use only automation.

I don't want to go with an obsolete client. What does Nuxeo Team advise?

Thank you

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Hi, The PHP Automation client has be renamed as Nuxeo PHP Client and you can perfectly use it with LTS 2019. With the PHP Client 2.0.0 you can use Nuxeo Automation API but also the Repository API, Workflow API & UserManagement API. The documentation is missing but you can find detailed usage in the tests folder of the PHP client:



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Thank you for your help and your precise and complete answer.