Error with Eclipse Indigo et Start the server nuxeo


I installed nuxeo IDE in my Eclipse Indigo Service Release 1 with the help of Now, when I start nuxeo server with Eclipse, i have an error that doesn't exist when I start the server with the command ./nuxeoctl start directly. I use a nuxeo 5.6. I don't understand why ?

ERROR [org.hibernate.connection.DatasourceConnectionProvider] Could not find datasource: java:comp/env/jdbc/nxactivities javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Le Nom nxactivities n'est pas lié à ce Contexte

Thanks for help.

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I resolved the problem : I modify nuxeo.templates to the …/nuxeo-cap-5.6-tomcat-sdk/bin/nuxeo-sdk.conf : nuxeo.templates=default,dam,collaboration,sdk instead nuxeo.templates=default,sdk

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