Libreoffice 4 and cmis connector for old 5.4 version.

Just tried the preview version of libreoffice 4 and there is a way to save directly to a cmis container, which is neat.

Unfortunatly, the only version of Nuxeo available is 5.4. Anyone know the reason for this?


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Not sure to understand your sentence: "the only version of Nuxeo available is 5.4."

When you activate "libreoffice dialog" and "experimental features", you can select to upload your file to a CMIS server.

In that dialog, you can select the type of CMIS server, and for Nuxeo, only Nuxeo 5.4 is available as a choice.


Any better URL + Label (should indicate minimum version of Nuxeo implementing CMIS) is appreciated on the LibreOffice dev lists. I picked those initial data from Apache Chemistry config.

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Off-topic: I maintain a wiki list of CMIS products+URL at Feel free to reuse it, and even improve it, that would be great :-) All CMIS clients would benefit from this collaboration.

Before, when choosing servertype. See image.

alt text

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Does it work if you use "Nuxeo 5.4" as a setting?

Yes, it finally did when I corrected our CAS setup.

Anyway, my point was to point you this new feature so you could indicate to them that it should work with other version, and maybe remove the version things, or change it to Nuxeo 5.4 +


Does the string “Nuxeo 5.4” appear on your screen BEFORE or AFTER you type the URL?

If AFTER, then it is probably that LibreOffice retrieved that string from the server.

If you leave the selection as is and try to connect, does it work?

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