Absolute rookie: Libreoffice + CMIS + NUEXO


as above, I'm absolutely new to NUXEO and I stuck on something and I need help. This will be actually two questions but it is related to the same issue, so, I expect background is the same.

Scenario I - I create new document type, for example Contract, with few additional metadata (signing date, value, type, …). In my Workspace I create new content item of Contract document type. I edit properties and metadata and I add Libreoffice file to it. So far, everything is file - I can access it through Nuxeo and work with .odt file. But, when I try to access this through Libreoffice CMIS connector - I see my new contract, but it's marked as 'File' and I can not access containing file to open and edit it.

Scenario II - I create a new document in Libreoffice and I want to save it to NUXEO using CMIS, and this is no problem, but how can I save it as above created Contract document type and set up metadata properties?

I try to look around to find something about this, and I fail, so can someone, please, help

THX Goran

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