Nuxeo DAM 5.9.5 - image metadata not extracted

Hi, I'm evaluating Nuxeo DAM v.5.9.5. The software installed successfully from on windows 7 64 bit (JVM 7). DAM module enabled. However, when adding images through DAM UI no image specific metadata extracted for sample Jpeg files - especially dimensions and DPI. I've checked logs - no error generated. I've enabled log4j debug - but still no extra info available.

Can you please help me - e.g. what I need to check / change in config to fix the issue?
Thanks, Sergiy

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Hi Thibaud, I've installed it using windows installer, and also checked Nuxeo instance in runtime - env. property path contained valid path to image magic for Nuxeo process as per However, no image metadata extracted for sample images - I've tested several jpeg, tif, png, gif files. I've also uploaded above files to Nuxeo demo site: that runs on linux but image dimensions extracted only for jpeg files, all others uploaded but no image metadata extracted.

Can you please advice me what else I can do?

thanks, Sergiy

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How did you install nuxeo? I mean, did you use the Windows Installer, or did you download and installed the .zip package?

In all cases, the main point is that ImageMagick must be installed, since nuxeo uses it to extact metadata EXIF and IPTC by default)

in this documentation, you will find information about the misc. external tools nuxeo need (to handle images, videos, text extraction, preview, …)


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