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I liked the article about storing Notes as Markdown. Is it possible to incorporate this type into other data fields? I can't see an option to use the Markdown Widget in studio? It is also not an option in the Generic Widget. I am running the trial of version 5.9.3.

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This widget is not (yet? ;-)) exposed in Studio, but you can still use it. Here are the requirements:

  • Two fields are needed in the schema:
  • One (String) to store the content
  • and another (String) to store the mime-type (html, markdown, …)
  • Using a “Generic” widget and forcing the name to richtext_with_mimetype

So, say you have the MyDocType document, with a schema prefix mdt and two fields, details and details_mimetype. In your layout, drop a “Generic” widget and:

  • Click “Add field”, enter met:details (the list of fields is ordered, first one must be the storage field)
  • Click “add field” again and enter met:details_mimetype
  • As “Widget type”, enter richtext_with_mimetype
  • (save. Of course :-))

I owe a big thanks to Anahide who helped me a lot on this answer :-)

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Thanks very much for this - a nice and easy solution too :-)