Remove privilege on a document

Hi, the documents inherit permissions from the parent folder. I need to have only the creator's document to have remove privilege on his document. So someone creates a document and he's the only one supposed to be able to move or remove it. And he cannot remove someone else's document in the same folder. He is given remove privilege on his document but he cannot move it because the parent folder does not have remove privilege.

What would be the best way to arrange permissions for that to work this way ?


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For the first part, you could add an event handler for the creation of such a document and update ACLs as you wish.

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In fact, the need is to have specific permission at the document level (is it possible?). Actually the question could have been : is it normal that a user with ReadWrite permission on a document cannot delete or move this document, even if the parent folder doesn't have ReadWrite permission for this user ?

It is indeed possible to have specific permission at the document level.Through automation as I suggested, but you can also activate the rights tab in the ui. I guess this is not possible out of the box because it can generate a lot of ACL entries and performance problems. Moreover, it makes sense to have ACLs defined at a folderish level.

ReadWrite implies Remove. If you deny the Remove right to such a user, he should not be able to delete this document. I m not sure about the second part.


Yes, that's the way my permissions are organized : the folder has read and write permission 'without' remove. In that folder, the documents creators only have read and write permission 'with' remove on the document permission level. So only the creator can delete his document… supposingly! But it looks like it doesn't work this way (because of the folderish permission - without remove). So I have to find an acceptable workaround. Thanks.