Can I use a single domain for document management and social collaboration ?

Is it possible to delete the Collaboration domain and move its types to the default domain ? Ideally we should be able to use all the DM types in a social workspace and have social workspaces in the default domain.

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I managed to get Social Workspaces in the default domain so it solves half of the problem.

Basically I :

  1. Contributed to the “types” extension point of org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.types.TypeService to add SocialWorkspace as a subtype of Domain
  2. Contributed to the “filters” extension point of org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.actions.ActionService to append a rule to the “create” filter granting AddChildren permission to the type Domain (this display the “New” action button when viewing the default domain).
  3. Changed the “socialWorkspaceContainer” path by contributing to its extension point in I changed if to /default-domain to make it work with the default domain. (This configures this aa the target for new social workspaces created using the Collaboration tab.)

You can find the result here :

Just copy this to your nxserver/config and remove the Collaboration domain.

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This solution is good enough waiting a clean implementation we plan to do as explained Laurent.

Hi Nelson,

This is something we'd like to have but it requires a lot of refactoring. You can follow those changes on this Jira:

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Can't I use the SocialWorkspaceService and change the socialWorkspaceContainer path to /default to use the default domain ?

I was also thinking of using the TypeService to add the SocialWorkspace as a subtype of Domain. This should at least allow having Social Workspaces in the default domain, no?