Importing plugins with Nuxeo Studio?

Is there any way to “import” in Nuxeo Studio plugins that you have previously generated with it?


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Hi there Sergio,

yes, there is a way for us to do this for you. Please contact Nuxeo support. Send us your latest generated JAR file and the name of your Studio project and we will do the import for you.

Best Regards,

Nuxeo Support

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Hi harlan, and thank you.

So I understand that this is something sporadic, and I as user of Nuxeo Studio can not do normally. It's like that?.

Thanks again.

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Sergio, can you give us a use case for this. As our customers have always access to their Studio project we don't understand why you'd need this.

We may need to reset the status of the project to an earlier version, and then modify the plugins. Another use case may be, to import a project from one account to another.

With branching and tags, there is no issue with the former. The latter is never an issue for our customers as they don't change accounts. The only other reason would be to move from one trial to another but that would be breaking the terms of our trial anyway so I don't think we need to address that one.