Is Nuxeo VCS (Eclipse Apricot) usable as standalone library?

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We've a project with a bit of CMS pages to be managed. I could very well use JCR (JackRabbit) for these pages (or just a database table). However I very much like that VCS creates and alters database tables to reflect the contents structure.

The apricot project seem to be dormant. That's a pity. Do you think it'd be possible to take a recent release of nuxeo-core and use the nuxeo VCS from there? Or is apricot already in a usable state? Does it reflect the current state of nuxeo VCS?

We're also evaluating java based CMS alternatives (coming from PHP Typo3) and nuxeo looks like a nice candidate. So learning about nuxeo VCS would make sense if we'd end up with nuxeo.

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We have no plans to revive Apricot at the moment.

You can embed any part of Nuxeo in your application, including VCS, please see for more. (This doc may be slightly outdated but the ideas are there, please tell us if you find inconsistencies.)

A simpler way to integrate your application with Nuxeo would be to make your application run as a Servlet in addition to the rest of Nuxeo, then you'd have access to an already-started Nuxeo.

You can strip down Nuxeo to whatever you need by removing bundles (and checking it still runs).

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