getting file name, size, etc (5.8)


With Nuxeo 5.8, the GET request nuxeo_url/nuxeo/api/v1/id/document_id only gives the following metadata:

   "entity-type" : "documents",
   "entries" : [
         "uid" : "673dd1d6-0b75-4a5a-8454-8abcb0e79c0e",
         "contextParameters" : {},
         "type" : "File",
         "versionLabel" : "0.0",
         "state" : "project",
         "entity-type" : "document",
         "repository" : "default",
         "title" : "MyDoc",
         "lastModified" : "2016-05-12T14:06:35.91Z",
         "path" : "/default-domain/sections/MyDoc",
         "changeToken" : "1463061995910",
         "facets" : [
         "isCheckedOut" : true

Nothing about the main file… In more recent versions of Nuxeo, they are much more informations (such as, etc.), but I don't want to upgrade the server now.

So, how to get the file name, size, md5, etc of the main file attached to a document with webservices in Nuxeo 5.8 ?

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Which headers do you send in addition to the GET request? You should send a X-NXDocumentProperties or X-NXproperties header, see the documentation. The default behavior may have changed in different Nuxeo versions, I'm not sure.

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You are right ! The header “X-NXDocumentProperties: *” works perfectly. Thank you very much.

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