Does Platform's functionality come completely from the Nuxeo REST API?

Hi, I'm new to Nuxeo and have a quick question about the architecture. Does Nuxeo Platform access everything through the Nuxeo REST API, or some other means?

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HI Yousuf,

you are talking about complete functionality of Nuxeo from REST API. So, I think the answer may be Yes, so Nuxeo exposes a lot of end-points in the API REST in differents levels, ie: Users, Groups, Documents (of course), Workflow, Imports… (CSV in a repository of github of Athento, too)… feel free to play with the API Playground of Nuxeo where you can use it ( Also and so important, Nuxeo is able to make calls to Automation Service and, with the great OSGI model, whatever you think to do, you can making an Operation or “Chain of Operations” and execute it via REST API (

I hope this helps you.


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Thank you, Victor.

I believe that does answer my question. I'm interested in building a custom UI with the power, and full functionality, of the Nuxeo platfom.

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