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I have a rather odd problem and hoping there is a solution. We have Nuxeo running on a VM and it works just fine when we have the data store on a local disk. What we understand is that that the data store's ownership needs to be “nuxeo”.

We have a SAN solution which most VM's use for data. So we tried moving the data store to the SAN. The problem we have is the way the SAN is configured. I wont go into details, but basically it forces ownership to “nobody”. This stops Nuxeo working properly. Is there a way to configure the owner that nuxeo uses on the data store? Thx Z

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It would be useful to have more information about the symptoms you have: "This stops Nuxeo working properly" is not enough. Can you modify your question and appends errors, configurations that can be interesting for the diagnostic.

Sure - we are getting an error saying that it is unable to create the actual file for the binary data. In the last hour, we have managed to modify the system so that the owner is now nuxeo. We have even set the acl to 777 throughout. If I sudo as nuxeo, I can create directories in the binary storage area through the terminal. Through the nuxeo UI, it sometimes fails, sometime works. The failure is always unable to create file. It seems to be from this routine in the source "public String moveTmpFileToBinaries(File file)". If you want the stack traces, I can provide these too

Yes, it can be interesting. You can copy it pastebin and put the link here.