Multiple file systems

In Nuxeo 5.8, I d like to have documents stored on two different file systems. Since “binary storage” is independent from the documents, it has to be managed at the repository level, although I do not need another database.

It seems that according to this answer it implies in 5.8 :

the definition of two distinct repositories, hence two servers (above domain)

a repository contains information about the JDBC connection and it seems it can not be the same as the default repository.

That means I ll have to create a distinct database (useless in my case and I can t really see how users, ACLs or directories will be managed)

As said, i ll have to set up a different JDBC connection. Does not that imply disabling Single-Datasource Mode ?

Oh, and I ll have to take it all over again when I ll migrate to 6.0, as there has been some changes about this subject.

Isn t there some concrete documentation about it ?

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Here is my config for the second repo (variable interpolation ok)

and the error

nuxeo.db.singleDataSource has been 'disabled' in nuxeo.conf

The user can connect to the DB using the same parameters from command line