Can I have users go directly to their workspace in the document tree?

Now users have to go go Root>Domain>TheirWorkspace, Can I just drop them into TheirWorkspace without the extra navigation?

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Hi, Eric! There is already such a button by default in the menu called “Personal Space”, isn't it ok? Personal space button

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You can create a button which uses the User.GetUserWorkspace automation operation, and navigate automatically to that document.


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This should be more for how can the whole tree be reduced to only show those workspaces a user has permissions to view or edit? If a workspace has been created for each department in the company, is there a way to remove the levels above that in the UI so it isn't /root/domain/Workspaces/Department, and only shows /Department? Or if a user has access to multiple departments then anything above Workspaces is not viewed in the UI? There seems to be no reason to see root when only one domain will ever be created for our company, nor that domain level either for that matter.