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A user is enabled to publish documents on sections where they are granted with “read” access. If I understands it correctly, “Can ask for publishing” is intended to be granted to users that we want to let them see the content of a section but not to let them publishing on it, is that right? If this is correcet, I have a problem with some users who have “Can ask for publishing” access right in a section but they ar not able to see the section on the “Document Management” Tab. Does anyone have any suggestion? Thank you very much in advance

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By default, the “CanAskForPublishing” permission is included in the “Read” permission for publishing stuff. So yes, users who have “Read” permission have automaticly the “CanAskForPublishing” permission.

IMHO, you have to set Read permission to your users in order to solve your problem.

tips:You can see these permission in this contribution: /nuxeo-platform-publisher-core-contrib/src/main/resources/OSGI-INF/publisher-permissions-contrib.xml

Hope it helps

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thank you very much for your answer Vladimir. It is very much appreciated.

Now, my next question would be: Is there any option to configure a "Read Permission" without the possibility of publishing? Granting over group only the "CanAskForPublishing" permission didn't let users to see the content of the section. Then, after reading your answer, I tried granting the "Read" permission and denying the "CanAskForPublishing" permission on the same group but this did not work. The group continued being able to publish which is want I want to avoid.

Thank you very much.