How do I change the Nuxeo VM DNS name?

Hi All,

I'm attempting to configure the prepackaged Nuxeo 5.6 VM such that it can be accessed over DNS at an address other than the default.

Configuring the machine so that it can be accessed over poses no problem, but changing the VM's hostname so that it is anything other than the default of nuxeovm doesn't work for me. The steps I am taking to first configure the VM for DNS are:

1) Make the required settings in my domain zone and reverse lookup file (I use an internal BIND DNS resolver)

2) Setting static IP and DNS settings at /etc/network/interfaces

For example:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

3) Add a ServerName directive to the Nuxeo VM's Apache virtual host file. E.g. at /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/nuxeo I add the following entry:


After restarting the VM this works a charm, and I can access the VM at If however I change the VM's hostname to something other than nuxeovm (e.g. “nuxeovm-2“) first by editing the /etc/hostname file and setting the new hostname, then editing /etc/hosts such that the VM can resolve the new hostname to its own IP address and DNS name, and then follow the above steps, any attempt to connect to the VM at its new DNS address will always eventually time out and fail.

It looks very much like I am missing one particular step here…does anyone have any pointers?

Cheers, Dave

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