libreoffice not start in Nuxeo 5.9.4

when starting Nuxeo in server.log I get this error:

2014-09-05 11:06:06,300 INFO  [Thread-8] [] ProcessManager implementation is WindowsProcessManager
2014-09-05 11:06:06,636 WARN  [Thread-8] [org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.convert.ooomanager.OOoManagerComponent] OpenOffice was not found, JOD Converter won't be available: a process with acceptString 'socket,host=,port=2003' is already running; pid 3868
2014-09-05 11:09:46,213 WARN  [http-bio-] [org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.usermanager.UserManagerImpl] No administrators group has been defined: at least one should be set to avoid lockups when blocking rights for instance

libreoffice does not work and I can not preview documents

anyone knows the origin of this problem


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a process with acceptString 'socket,host=,port=2003' is already running; pid 3868

What is that process already running on the default port used by LibreOffice?

See the jod.* parameters in the Configuration Parameters Index (nuxeo.conf) if you need to customize the port for instance.

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hello, every time I restart, gets a different PID. The PID corresponds to the process soffice.bin

And every time I boot this popup appears:

jod.* in nuxeo.conf parameters are not configured. All lines are with #

OOo server config








I see where the problem is, but not how to fix it.

In the line nuxeo.tmp.dir= on the nuxeo.conf file:

if I put nuxeo.tmp.dir =/Z:/Temp

Openoffice it works but does not work Nuxeo as a Windows service

if I put nuxeo.tmp.dir=//NASS/NuxeoData/NuxeoBINPRE/Temp

Works Nuxeo as a Windows service, but does not work openoffice

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Did you try to configure LibreOffice as a service, started before the Nuxeo service? That way, Nuxeo should be able to use the existing service instead of starting a new one…

It would be interesting to find what is the error encountered by LibreOffice or by the JOD library which manages the LibreOffice process…