I want to remove(hide) the revision change radio buttons and revision number on the Edit view?

What is the pointer to the widget and layout for the Edit view?

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You can specify for each document type and each lifecycle state what versioning options are available.

Please see versioningRules for more information.

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Your document must not be version able => so if you extends the File you can't do that.

  • The procedure is to create a document that extends “Nothing”, that means we have no Facet set and no default schema set (except dublincore and uid).
  • And uncheck into the definition tab the item “Document is versionable”
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Thanks, I thought I could use the standard edit view for my application but the versioning is problematic.

I want to change the version but I don't want the user to change it. The version will be changed by automation routines, however users will need to change other metadata. It seems from your answer I can't get that functionality with the standard edit view.

Does removing the facet still allow a version change with an automation chain?

If not, I guess I'll need a custom layout rather than use the standard edit view.