setAcl of Chemistry's CmisObject results on CmisNotSupportedException

I don't have a full stack trace but here's the entire message:

org.apache.chemistry.opencmis.commons.exceptions.CmisNotSupportedException: Operation not supported by the repository for this object!

Specifically this call:

// Add the ACL to the CMIS Object

This does not happen with Chemistry In-Memory.

How could I could resolve this? I am using Chemistry 0.11.0 and Nuxeo 5.9.5. I know I can use NuxeoObject, but I'd rather use CmisObject for cross-testing purpose with Chemistry In-Memory.

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The Nuxeo 5.9.5 repositoryInfo available here reports “capabilityACL”: “none”. A repository would need to report “capabilityACL”: “manage” in order to support your call above. Currently, you would need to use Nuxeo REST APIs to programmatically manage ACLs.

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