Drag & Drop - file size limitation ?

Hello, I would like to limit file size to 50M. limitation works by pressing the buttons (new document, import document), but doesn't work with Drag&drop. Where can I configure a size limit for Drag & Drop ?

Thank you

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If you have a little development knowledge, Nuxeo IDE and Nuxeo Studio this is not really hard.

Here is the way to implement your need:

  • Create a Nuxeo Project
  • You can create an Operation that check the size of the binary given as input. This operation get the size as parameter. For a first simple implementation, if the size is bigger an exception is sent.
  • Synchronize your project with your Studio project the operation will be available.
  • Create an operation that implement the following operations: Fetch Context Document > Get Document File > YOUROPERATION
  • Attach this operation to the about to create event with a Event Handler

That's it.

Hope this will help you.

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There's nothing about configuring a size limit for upload via Drag&Drop since it was based on HTML5. One of the benefits of that new implementation was to remove the file size limit.

However, if you have some development skills, it is quite easy to implement: the server would have to check the size and, in case of excess, warn the user why the upload is refused.

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