Support for base64 encoded images in Notes

When I drag and drop an HTML file with base64 images in a Workspace, nuxeo automatically creates a note file. Unfortunately the base64 encoded images are removed.

<img alt="django" />
<img alt="django CMS" />
<img alt="Flask" />

The only process to work with such files is currently to upload them to 'File' document type and download them each time for editing.

Any chance I can preserve the image content for online editing?

FILES:   html_test.html
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You can preview the HTML file with base64 images through the API. Just substitute your nuxeo server and your File document UID in the following link: http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/site/api/v1/repo/default/id/5222d245-255b-43dd-8e33-adedb16872a6/@blob/file:content?inline=true

You'd have to customize the View layout to display this on the document directly, for example using an iframe.

Also, just fyi, it is possible to use drag and drop to create File documents; just use the “Properties” button on the import popup screen to choose File instead of the html default (Note).

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