Email folder!?

Should I be able to see the standard email folder in the Nuxeo Studio Content Model->Documents?

Should I be able to change the standard email folder, like the file, folder, document, etc from within Studio without extending it?

It seems I can extend the email folder, but the Check Email button to download the emails pointed to by the meta-data in the extended email folder does not appear with the extended document as it does with the original document.

How do I enable the Check Email button from an email folder extension document?

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As for the 2 buttons, please note this filter:


You might want to change it to your type id that extends the MailFolder.

Please note that the code I gave you was to show you the pattern to use. It is not to be used as copy/paste code as in that case you would just be duplicating the extension definition, which should be visible in the logs as well.

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I set up the two button screen on purpose just to test the both buttons side by side with a known good folder.

I did change the action element's id attribute to "zcheck_email" to avoid the collision you mentioned in your response.

I'll make the filter change and let you know if that makes a difference with the SEAM context.

Thank you, again for your assistance.


The “Check Email” button is considered to be an action in Nuxeo.

link:User Actions

Below you will find how the original “Check Email” button was added and you could use the same pattern for your extended document. Please note that you can add extension definitions directly in Studio, which is a good approach for maintainability.

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I believe I have the extension above producing a Check Email button on an document which extends MailFolder. The button is firing the SEAM action however SEAM is complaining that it can't find the SEAM component or it can't find the method checkCurrentInbox.

Do I need to set up the SEAM context some way?


FWIW: I actually have two buttons on a mail folder that is a MailFolder without extention. One of the buttons(the normal Check Mail button) works AND one of the buttons (the one created by the extension mentioned above) doesn't work and generates the error below. The buttons on the extended folders generate the same error message.

Here is the error from the log file.

2011-11-22 16:33:03,629 ERROR [org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.actions.DefaultActionFilter] evaluation of condition SeamContext.get("mailActions").checkCurrentInbox failed: returning false