Email folders: Delete mails on server? Specific email folders within an user account? Nuxeo gets read emails?

I have created an email folder in nuxeo DM 5.4.2 running under CENTOS Linux 5.7 with PostgreSQL.

I pointed the folder to our exchange email server and a specific user account within that exchange server.

I am able to read the emails using the POP3 protocol, regardless of the read/unread state of each email. Yeah they show up in nuxeo read or un-read. Also the emails that are transferred to nuxeo are removed from the exchange server.

My questions are:

Where are the changes to the protocol schema referenced in and

Are these features part of nuxeo 5.4.3? Or are these features “contributions” from a user that can be added?

Either way:

Can I select a unique folder within a given email account and perform an email transfer?

Can I select whether to leave the email on the server or not via a boolean field?

Also, I'm curious why I can obtain emails from exchange that are in the read state?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Karl Harris

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Ok at least partially answered my own question!

POP3 protocol is brute force. Connect to server, download emails, delete emails from server, disconnect. POP3, as I found out, has no knowledge of read/un-read messages at least on the server side.

So my read/unread question above is answered by the fact POP3 knows nothing of read state of messages on the server side.

IMAP KNOWS about read/unread state and works “as advertised” only transferring unread messages and not deleting anything from the server. Very acceptable for my application.

I would be nice to be able to select a folder within a user account using IMAP.

Any takers on this alternate folder question?

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I don't understand your latter question. Could you re-post it more clearly as standalone question on answers ? Thank you


Could you please reformlate your question?

Didn't the IMAP option in 5.4.2 already have the option to specify the FOLDER PATH to read or something similar?