Nuxeo CMF - Create a new form after logging inside Nuxeo CMF


I need to customize the interface for a bank account opening operation.

So first of all, the data from new applicants should be entered into the system. How we can create a form inside nuxeo CMF so that we could enter it and make it available to the next process or designated employee?

How we can save the data to a PostgreSQL database? How the tables can be created??

Thanks & Regards, Rajesh

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Big picture of how I would do that, but maybe it can be a better way:

  • Create a filter into the FIRST_FILTER section of the web.xml (contribute into the deployment-fragment.xml, target=“pages#PAGES”)
  • Into this filter check if the user is not connected (must found in session the principal here ((CachableUserIdentificationInfo) req.getSession().getAttribute(“org.nuxeo.ecm.login.identity”)).getPrincipal() ) let the filter chain computation following his computation
  • if the resource is open (image, gif) => open urls are given here :(PluggableAuthenticationService) Framework.getRuntime().getComponent(PluggableAuthenticationService.NAME).getOpenUrls() and check if match: openUrl.allowByPassAuth(request) => if match let the filter chain computation following his computation
  • get the directory where you store information filled by users (Framework.getService(DirectoryService.class).open(“nameOfMyDirectory”) => return a session on the directory)
  • search from the given session the entry of the user. If not found let the filter chain continue his computation
  • if not redirect to your xhtml page that expose the form.

Hope this will help you. Maybe there will be a better way but to be sure that no user skip this page, I don't see no other way.

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