I'm using the REST API to call Document.CheckOut. Is there another operation that can cancel the check-out w/out versioning?

when using REST API, we use Document.CheckOut to fetch the document. We have a use case to cancel the check-out without a check-in, i.e. “cancel” the checkout. Document.CheckIn always versions the document, either major or minor, which we do not want. Use case is to simulate our legacy ECM system. Is there a means to do this?

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Thanks Gregory. However, since we are using 10.10, the Document.CheckIn doesn't have the 'NONE' option, only “major”, “minor”. Using “NONE” or null forces a minor version to be created. Any options other than Document.CheckIn on 10.10?

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You can set “NONE” to the version param of the checkin operation: https://explorer.nuxeo.com/nuxeo/site/distribution/Nuxeo%20Platform-2021/viewOperation/Document.CheckIn

More info on the https://doc.nuxeo.com/nxdoc/versioning/#versioning-policies page (see that you can implement custom versionnig policies if needed)


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