Configure the "Send to.." on Notification Send Email

Hi , I need to create a Email Notification, its working with a harcoded email adress but i need to know if it is possible to choose the mail recipients such a users or groups when the notification is triggered. Thanks

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Yes you can put as recipient a MVEL expression to fetch email users or groups:


As user is the user id. Same for the group.

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May be be i dind not extlain well, I mean if is possible to let the user select the users, from a list or something when he launch the automation chain.



To fetch selected document/user/object in a Nuxeo listing, the platform provides seam components to access to them with EL Expression (#{parameter}) you can put as recipient into your operation parameter.

Such as:

@In(create = true)

protected DocumentsListsManager documentsListsManager;

which lets you to access to selected documents in a nuxeo listing.

I advise you to see the Nuxeo expression documentation:

Nuxeo IDE: which is an eclipse plugin easy to use and explaining through wizards a lots of Nuxeo notions.

And the Automation documentation to know how to use operations and their parameters: