Rackspace Cloud Files compatibility

Hello Nuxeo community,

I've been trying to sort something out for a couple days and am not having any luck. Mostly it's the classic situation where you get over a hurdle and immediately hit another one with a project. Currently my company has a relationship with Rackspace's OpenStack based file storage. It's not impossible to move to S3 but it's highly unlikely.

I've gotten a few simple remarks that it should work in theory. But I've had no success.

For starters our trial Nuxeo Studio has expired. This query is based on compiling the source code and installing it manually. It worked correctly in tests with S3. But no matter what I try with Rackspace I simply get various errors.

There's one old question regarding Swift object store. But I was wondering if anyone has had any success with using providers other than AWS? Should we be using a different plugin? I'm going to inquire with Rackspace again now that I have seen the plugin working in some capacity. But I was hoping someone could shed some light on this situation. Thanks!

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It looks like I was misled. My plan has shifted to formulating a plan to use Azure or AWS. Luckily my boss approved whatever strategy gets the job done for the best price. Obviously using the OpenStack services of Rackspace is not doing the former.