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Dear Nuxeo,

I represent HOST, LLC which is high-level business partner of many vendors including IBM, HP, Cisco, EMC, etc.

Currently, we are actively promoting digital archive solutions based on ECM-systems in Russia. Recently, as part of this activity we started using Nuxeo platform and were faced with the following challenge: user interface localization is partly incorrect, which leads to problems with the platform promotion to our Russian-speaking customers.

We offer you our help in finalizing Russian locale. To do this we kindly ask you to provide access to Nuxeo development tools and specify how to find and implement such an improvement. We are ready to make this translation for free as native speakers. You will be able to integrate the correct localization into the platform and distribute it, also it will allow us to position solutions based on Nuxeo Document Management more effectively on the Russian market.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


     Stepanova Darya
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Thanks a lot for your localization efforts. Please check How to translate the Nuxeo Platform for details on the process.

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