Is there a way to improve Nuxeo Performance qhen using SQL Server as database?

We have a nuxeo instance using SQL Server as backend.

We've noticed that first time a user opens a workspace or folder with many elements (30-40), it takes 5 seconds to load. Same test using postgresql or H2 loads the page in less than a second.

We've trying many jtds and hibernate tweaks, and we got some improvements but it still takes too long. Using SQL Server tools we see that executed queries don't take longer than 300ms, but there is some time gaps between queries that produce that overall time of several seconds.

We think that switching between different isolation modes could be the one to blame. Has anyone experienced this behaviour? Is there a way to improve this time? Do we have to migrate our data to postgresql?

We knew postgresql is the best alternative but we didn't thought performance over SQL Server was going to be so bad.

Thanks in advance.

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