How to add a function into the Nuxeo Platform

  • Is plugin = bundle?
  • Is writing a function considered a plugin or component ?
  • I trying to write a function to perform data analysis based on the content of the file upload to the document management. Any API I can use?
  • Any suggestion?

P.S. : using PostgreSQL and Nuxeo ver. 5.9.x

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  • Bundle vs Plugin: yes, let's say that's the same thing.
  • Writing a function is too vague: let's say a plugin is a jar, with contributions inside. A component usually refers to one xml contribution, so a given plugin can hold several components.
  • About data analysis: there is a variety of possibilities, please describe what you'd like to do in more details.
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Hi Anahide. Thanks for explaining the previous 2 points.

About data analysis, I would like to plot a graph that show me a trend in the document.

Meaning, for example, there are 5 document with some keyword 'training' and each document have a date lets say, 3 of them in the month of Jan, 1 of them in the month of Feb and last one in the month of Mar. The graph should show a graph with the number of times the keyword appear for the specific month when I enter the keyword 'training'. Thus, the x and y axis will be number of times and month respectively.

I have downloaded BIRT reporting plugin and trying to figure out how to achieve my goal.



Please read the Developer Documentation first.

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