H2 component upgrade

Hi Nuxeo team,

Nuxeo 8.x and 9.x embeds h2-1.4.177-NX01 version of H2 database. This version of H2 is a beta one dated of 2014-04-12 and is very buggy.


The last version of H2 1.4.194 is dated of 2017-03-10 and is a stable one.

We use Nuxeo core and H2 as our production database. (all-in-one application)

For our needs, we upgraded to the last version of H2. (to fix database size, locks problems…)

Before, we checked that Nuxeo changes from h2-1.4.177-NX01 patch are integrated in the last version 1.4.194. (XA fixes)

It would be interesting that Nuxeo upgrades this library.

What do you think about ?

Cheers, Julien

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We don't support h2. It should be used only for demos and small tests. While well-meaning, h2 is much too limited. For production you should use a real database.

If you have a pull request for Nuxeo to upgrade to that more recent version we'll look at it, but otherwise we won't invest much time on it.

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Hi Florent,

We use H2 as we want an embedded database so this database fits our needs quite well.

IMHO, I think you should upgrade to the latest version even for demo use case.

I will provide you a Pull Request for that.

Thanks Julien


Thanks, your pull request would be welcome.

NXP-22334 tracks this.